Program 12. International Swimmingpond Conference

On Wednesday, September 27 and Thursday, September 28, we will immerse you in a wealth of inspiration, new ideas and innovations. You will enjoy interesting exchanges with specialized companies, manufacturers and colleagues and expert lectures by carefully selected and excellent speakers!

Participation rates

Early bird rate (for registrations until 31.03.2023)
Members: €420 incl. VAT - Non-members: €480 incl. VAT

Normaal price (for registrations after 31.03.2023)
Members: €480 incl. VAT- Non-members: €540 incl. VAT

  • Wednesday 27/09/2023 Conference Day 1

Uhrzeit Aktivität Programm Sprecher
08:30 Doors open -
09:00 Welcome speech Welcoming speech from IOB and Groen Groeien Stefan Meier, IOB
Peter Lauwers, Groen Groeien
09:30 Official opening International Swimming Pond Conference 2023 The Mayor of Mechelen and also Vice-Minister President of the Flemish Government and the President of the Belgian Farmers' Union open the 12th edition of the International Swimming Pond Conference Bart Somers
Lode Ceyssens
10:15 Lecture 1 Nutrient management explained from scientific and practical perspective Wolfgang Wesner
Franz Kubacek
11:15 Coffee break -
11:45 Lecture 2 Substrate for plants Martin Mikulitsch
12:15 Roundtable Wood in swimming pods and natural pools Klaus Reiter
Martin Wolfgang
12:45 Lunch -
14:00 Lecture 3 Biological inhibition
14:30 Lecture 4 Air lift Andrè Düring
15:00 Lecture 5 Cyanobacterias
15:30 Coffee break -
16:00 Lecture 6 Ecological footprint, by the German Association for Natural Bathing Water (DGfnB) Max Colditz
17:00 Lecture 7 History of Belgian NSP projects and philosophy of the future Peter Lauwers
John Kinnen
17:30 Lecture 8 Green and water solutions in the city. Future of the Belgian public NSP Pool is Cool vzw
Kollektif Landscape vzw
18:00 End of the first conference day -
20:00 Gala night Gala dinner with the award ceremony of the Pondy Awards. The evening will take place at the Van der Valk Hotel.

  • Thursday 28/09/2023 Conference Day 2

Uhrzeit Aktivität Programm Sprecher
08:30 Doors open -
09:00 Lecture 9 Ecological footprint of various liners Polyplan
09:30 Lecture 10 Problems caude by nitrite P4N
10:00 Lecture 11 Life forms in biological fast filters
10:30 Lecture 12 Filter substrates
11:00 Coffee break -
11:30 Lecture 13 Latest research from Switzerland Markus Frey
12:00 Lecture 14 Research project in Belgium Sandy Adriaenssens, PCS
12:30 Lunch -
14:00 Lecture 15 Pond edge
14:30 Lecture 16 Monitoring and maintenance with DANA database
DANA experts for plant selection and monitoring
15:00 Lecture 17 Network training program
Project presentation Milleniumpool Gothenburg
15:30 Coffee break -
16:00 City walk City of Mechelen: how they implement water in the city?
17:00 End of the 2023 International Swimming Pond Conference -

Program Annual General Meeting

On Friday, September 29, the IOB Plus day with our annual meeting will take place.
Participation in this extra day is free.

  • Friday 29/09/2023 IOB Plus day

Hour Event Topic Speaker
09:00 Annual General Meeting - -
11:00 Coffee break - -
11:30 Open discussion, work groups, enz. - -